social control and the way religious groups self kneecap 

i was sorta involved with zen and a zen break-away group for some years, my experience there is sorta riven to me, ingrained like dirt in floorboards. it's not a bad thing, just left some sorta need for a return of the bilge that continues to be promulgated in the name of truth or  inquiry.

well, it's a personal thing, the why i don't understand, the forum is open, a message board is attached (ed. closed, but have anew  zen  and also more general  blog ), but the way things go responses are unlikely, people just shrink into balls of hurt or wilful misunderstanding.

( ed. note, this was written somewhile ago when i was more angry or expecting the world to be somehow different from what it is, i had opened a forum but there was no interest and this was for the best as my limited experience of trying to assist people reaching a better understanding of what it's all about is on balance negative, they just don't have it in their brains and why pay such strong penalities in lost time with unpleasant idiots ? )

so basically this is a commentary on the springwater center

maybe general, sometimes relating to specific articles

generally, “springwater” may be considered to be subsumed by “aspergers sydrome or pervasive development disorder” and “social control” in that these areas are almost a complete explanation for it.

so looking at a 1998 retreat  talk  about anger

( ed. note i was recently shocked to see a good video of toni on you tube quickly forced down from a claim by the copyright owner, it didn't make sense since that owner has extracts of really quite stupid “teachers ” from his film on you tube, why did he single out toni packer for removal ?

well my opinion is that what she says is unpalatable to anybody on the spiritual circuit (which includes a fair portion of springwater staff in my experience and she was really too much for him )

plain weird but as i say this is the norm and the peanut crunching monkeys gag on anything not in a hygenic sealed bag !

well i have asked baci films (boris and claire jänsch ) to consider putting the toni packer clip back up and also their marvelous "christmas 2008 hastings" )

next day (11th november 11):

anyone know what boris and claire jänsch have against toni packer ?

i asked them to consider putting up the toni packer clip again from their dreambus film but they deleted the comment !






dead ?

i can see boris is a bit diffcult and somewhat hampered by assuming a better understanding than he actually has

the advaita scene is so trashy


a very good web page on social control and scientology

so there is a sort of melding of  “the backwardation of thought”  and the groups need to cohere itself....

it's the nature of aggregate, even partially destructed entities to attempt persistence, the forward and backward and the cancellation therein is not fully felt and unfortunately partial destruction leading to perception is not unrelated to suicidal ideation, undestructed aggregate entities are protected therein in that approach is not persistent.

well...  “self kneecapping”  is the backward use of personal adaptive mechanisms in a way to promulgate the group, there is an implicit belief that "anger" and "criticism" are bad, so when these occur that are looked at and some cancellation occurs and the fragmenting tendencies in the group are someway displaced or delayed.